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Air Gear

by Oh! Great

Paperback (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Kodansha 

  • Air Gear Vol.29
    Air Gear Vol.29

    by Oh! Great


    Tean Kogarasumaru has emerged victorious from its quarterfinal match, but the real main event-a clash between mega-titans Sleeping Forest and Genesis- is set to begin at midnight! Without a moment…

    € 8,35
  • Air Gear Omnibus 2
    Air Gear Omnibus 2

    by Oh! Great

    Ikki has proven himself to be the toughest rider on the Eastside, but not without risking his neck. Now, with a new pair of Air Treks and a team of his own, Ikki is more powerful than ever! But the life of a…

    € 15,15

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