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Wild Ones

  • Wild Ones, Volume 4
    Wild Ones, Volume 4

    Story and Art by Kiyo Fujiwara

    Rakuto`s got an unlikely rival for Sachie`s affections--little Koh, the son of a yakuza leader from Osaka. Seeing Sachie`s positive effect on his son, Koh`s father proposes that Sachie return to…

    € 9,99 € 4,99
  • Wild Ones, Volume 5
    Wild Ones, Volume 5

    Story and Art by Kiyo Fujiwara

    The class president asks Sachie to host this year`s Christmas party at her house, so she obliges with much trepidation. Even if Sachie hides all traces of yakuza away from sight, will her classmates…

    € 9,99 € 4,99
  • Wild Ones, Volume 6
    Wild Ones, Volume 6

    Story and Art by Kiyo Fujiwara

    A new school year starts, bringing a new teacher to Sachie and Rakuto`s class. He seems to be a breath of fresh air and enthusiasm. But he has a secret past and harbors a wish for revenge against…

    € 9,99 € 4,99

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