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Tokyo Babylon

Story and Art by Clamp

Paperback (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Dark Horse

  • Tokyo Babylon Vol.2
    Tokyo Babylon Vol.2

    by Clamp

    CLAMP`s great manga epic!

    Tokyo, 1991, rich and glittering: the city of twelve million dreams—and just as many nightmares, none darker than the vision Subaru retains of his meeting under the cherry tree with Seishiro…

    € 14,75
  • Tokyo Babylon Vol.1
    Tokyo Babylon Vol.1

    by Clamp

    It`s 1991, the last days of Japan`s bubble economy, and money and elegance run through the streets. So do the currents of darkness beneath them, nourishing evil spirits that only the arts of the onmyoji—Japan`s…

    € 14,75

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