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Arata: The Legend

Story and Art by Yuu Watase

Paperback (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Viz Media

  • Arata: The Legend  15
    Arata: The Legend 15

    Story and Art by Yuu Watase

    Arata Hinohara and his companions have suffered painful losses, but they know they must go on. Arata himself is heading for a showdown with his greatest adversaries, the Six Sho, so he enters a sacred…

    € 7,50
  • Arata: The Legend  14
    Arata: The Legend 14

    Story and Art by Yuu Watase

    On the exile island of Muroya, Hinohara learns of a terrible incident that occurred there over half a century ago and now threatens to occur again! His weapon, the god sword Tsukuyo, may be the only…

    € 7,50
  • Arata: The Legend  10
    Arata: The Legend 10

    Story and Art by Yuu Watase

    While Hinohara visits the Hime clan, he is declared the second coming of a past king and the true ruler of Arata’s world! Despite the many obstacles that fate puts before him, Hinohara forges ahead.…

    € 7,50
  • Arata: The Legend  9
    Arata: The Legend 9

    Story and Art by Yuu Watase

    While on a mission disguised as a girl, Hinohara becomes utterly dismayed when Shinsho Kugura takes a liking to him. Meanwhile, Hinohara’s rival Kadowaki shows up and initiates a showdown! Will…

    € 7,50
  • Arata: The Legend  5
    Arata: The Legend 5

    Story and Art by Yuu Watase

    Hinohara is surprised to learn that Kotoha no longer believes he`s Arata of the Hime clan. Meanwhile, a group within the Twelve Shinsho sets in motion a diabolical plan to eliminate Hinohara!

    € 7,50
  • Arata: The Legend  3
    Arata: The Legend 3

    Story and Art by Yuu Watase

    Hinohara manages to escape his captors, and now he must make his way back to the Amawakuni capital. In order to get there, however, he has to first cross the region ruled by the treacherous Kannagi!

    € 7,50
  • Arata: The Legend  2
    Arata: The Legend 2

    Story and Art by Yuu Watase

    Framed for the assassination of Princess Kikuri, Hinohara is sent to prison island Gatoya, where the fearsome warden Tsutsuga awaits him. Will Hinohara be able to awaken his Hayagami in time to escape?

    € 7,50
  • Arata: The Legend  1
    Arata: The Legend 1

    Story and Art by Yuu Watase

    In a world where humans and gods coexist, Arata is the unfortunate successor to the matriarchal Hime Clan--unfortunate because if he`s not cross-dressing to hide his gender one minute, he`s fleeing for…

    € 7,50

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