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Blue Exorcist

Story and Art by Kazue Kato

Paperback (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Viz Media

  • Blue Exorcist  Vol.10
    Blue Exorcist Vol.10

    Story and Art by Kazue Kato

    With the defeat of the Impure King, the Exwires have returned to their routine lives back at True Cross Academy--but the routine doesn`t last for long! Halfway around the world, a strange encounter in…

    € 7,50
  • Blue Exorcist  Vol.9
    Blue Exorcist Vol.9

    Story and Art by Kazue Kato

    All of Rin’s friends have done their best to hold off the deadly Impure King so Rin can confront it. Now it’s entirely up to Rin to finish off the gigantic demon. Although Rin has finally drawn the…

    € 7,50
  • Blue Exorcist  Vol.8
    Blue Exorcist Vol.8

    Story and Art by Kazue Kato

    Awakened by the traitor Saburota Todo, the Impure King’s massive form threatens to engulf the city of Kyoto. As the Exorcists of the Tokyo Branch and the monks of the Myodha temple do all they can to…

    € 7,50
  • Blue Exorcist  Vol.7
    Blue Exorcist Vol.7

    Story and Art by Kazue Kato

    Mamushi and Todo now have both eyes of the Impure King and are headed for the temple that was once the center of the Myodha sect. Mamushi wants to seal the eyes away, but may be too late to realize…

    € 7,50
  • Blue Exorcist  Vol.6
    Blue Exorcist Vol.6

    Story and Art by Kazue Kato

    The heads of the various Myodha temple families gather to discuss recent events surrounding the Eyes of the Impure King. Revelations at the meeting only deepen suspicion of Suguro’s father, Tatsuma,…

    € 7,50
  • Blue Exorcist  Vol.5
    Blue Exorcist Vol.5

    Story and Art by Kazue Kato

    In the late Edo Period, a demon known as the Impure King killed thousands of people. After defeating the demon, the Knights of the True Cross kept its left eye safely sealed away on Academy…

    € 7,50
  • Blue Exorcist  Vol.4
    Blue Exorcist Vol.4

    Story and Art by Kazue Kato

    While most of the students at True Cross Academy head home for the summer break, Rin and his classmates are sent to a training camp in the forest district, and the right to go on a real mission is…

    € 7,50
  • Blue Exorcist  Vol.2
    Blue Exorcist Vol.2

    Story and Art by Kazue Kato

    Shocked by the death of his foster father and the revelation that his real father is the demon lord Satan, Rin Okumura enters the True Cross Academy to learn to be an exorcist. But every great exorcist…

    € 7,50

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