Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

Paperback (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Viz Media

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  • Claymore Vol.22
    Claymore Vol.22

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    Claws and Fangs of the Abyss

    Rebel Claymores, the Organization that created them, and a host of reanimated top-level warriors clash with savage intensity. The Claymores’ demonic impulses are…

  • Claymore Vol.23
    Claymore Vol.23

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    Mark of the Warrior

    Rebel warrior Miria penetrates the headquarters of the secret Organization that created her, discovering the appalling truth about Yoma. Meanwhile, human warrior Raki joins the…

  • Claymore Vol.21
    Claymore Vol.21

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    Corpse of the Witch

    A battle begins between rebel Claymore warriors and the Organization that created them. When the team of seven notorious rebel fighters is joined by an army of newly minted…

  • Claymore Vol.20
    Claymore Vol.20

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    Remains of the Demon Claw

    Rebel Claymores Deneve, Helen and Yuma return to the Holy City of Rabona and find it under attack by Yoma hordes. An all-out battle ensues, after which Galatea informs the…

  • Claymore Vol.19
    Claymore Vol.19

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    Phantoms in the Heart

    Priscilla relentlessly pursues Clare`s destruction, while Deneve and Helen remain just as determined to protect her. But when the combined form of Luciela and Rafaela attacks,…

  • Claymore Vol.17
    Claymore Vol.17

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    The Claws of Memory

    With the balance of power broken after Isley`s defeat by the ferocious Abyss Feeders, the Organization, central hub of the Claymores, deploys Alicia and Beth to the West to go…

  • Claymore Vol.16
    Claymore Vol.16

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    The Lamentation of the Earth

    After Miria`s incredible revelations about the origins of the Yoma, the seven warriors split up to settle their affairs and say their goodbyes in preparation for the…

  • Claymore Vol.15
    Claymore Vol.15

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    Genesis of War

    Galatea`s plans to eliminate the Awakened former number 2, "Bloody" Agatha, have failed, but the arrival of Clare and her comrades turns the tide of battle. In the aftermath, Miria…

  • Claymore Vol.14
    Claymore Vol.14

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    A Child Weapon

    In their hunt for Galatea, the Organization`s former number 3, Clarice and Miata enter the Holy City of Rabona, but what they encounter there is far beyond anything they could have…

  • Claymore Vol.13
    Claymore Vol.13

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    The Defiant Ones

    Audrey and Rachel continue their battle against Riful of the West, and Clare learns some surprising truths about Priscilla, Isley and the struggle for power amongst the Three Great…

  • Claymore Vol.12
    Claymore Vol.12

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    The Souls of the Fallen

    Seven years have passed since the devastating battle in Pieta, and now a new generation of warriors carries on the fight against the Awakened Ones. However, the mystery of…

  • Claymore Vol.11
    Claymore Vol.11

    Story and Art by Norihiro Yagi

    Kindred of Paradise

    In the northern town of Pieta, Clare and a force of Claymores battle a troupe of Awakened Ones to prevent them from advancing south. Their orders are to hold off the evil horde…

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