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Pretty Face

  • Pretty Face, Volume 3
    Pretty Face, Volume 3

    Story and Art by Yasuhiro Kano

    The Soft Touch of Silicone

    Rando is tempted by some girl-on-fake-girl action when he meets Nozomi, a girl who just loves beautiful women who kick men`s butts. Too bad Rando has a man`s butt that he…

    € 8,99 € 4,49
  • Pretty Face, Volume 5
    Pretty Face, Volume 5

    Story and Art by Yasuhiro Kano

    Below the Belt

    "Yuna is really a guy!" Natsuo has discovered Rando`s secret, with no convenient amnesia plot devices in sight! Can Rando pretend to be a girl after his fake breasts fall off in…

    € 8,99 € 4,49

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