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YuYu Hakusho

Story and Art by Yoshihiro Togashi

Paperback (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Viz Media

  • YuYu Hakusho, Volume 3
    YuYu Hakusho, Volume 3

    Story and Art by Yoshihiro TogashiIn

    The Flesh

    In the Flesh

    Yusuke Urameshi is back! When the teenage delinquent surprised the Underworld by dying heroically, he was given a chance--just one--to return to life. Now, having…

    € 8,95 € 4,49
  • YuYu Hakusho, Volume 4
    YuYu Hakusho, Volume 4

    Story and Art by Yoshihiro

    TogashiTraining Day

    Training Day

    The legendary exorcist Genkai is about to pass on her explosive demon-smiting techniques to one student--and only one. Trouble is, one of the people battling for the…

    € 8,95 € 4,49
  • YuYu Hakusho, Volume 5
    YuYu Hakusho, Volume 5

    Story and Art by Yoshihiro Togashi

    Focus Your Mind As One!

    The Four Beasts

    Yusuke Urameshi was just another street punk until he died in an unexpected act of self-sacrifice...and came back. Now he`s the Underworld`s official…

    € 8,95 € 4,49

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