Story and Art by Hiroya Oku

Paperback (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Dark Horse

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  • Gantz  Vol.28
    Gantz Vol.28

    by Hiroya Oku

    With America in ruins and Gantz teams the world over slaughtered, an armada of war machines the size of skyscrapers rains down on Japan and begins the systematic extermination of the population. But even without the…

  • Gantz  Vol.27
    Gantz Vol.27

    by Hiroya Oku

    A massive unknown flying craft lays waste to the planet’s leading military superpower. Choas reigns. Gantz teams from all over the world gather in Italy only to be overwhelmed and ripped to pieces by endless foes.…

  • Gantz  Vol.26
    Gantz Vol.26

    by Hiroya Oku

    The shape-shifting 100-point alien boss has finally been destroyed—along with much of Osaka—and Kei Kurono is back on the team, resurrected after his second death. But good times never last as the Gantz orb…

  • Gantz  Vol.25
    Gantz Vol.25

    by Hiroya Oku

    As the Osaka Gantz team falls to the alien monster boss, Kaze of the Tokyo team takes the fight to the superbeast to save the mortally wounded little Takeshi. But even the powerful Kaze is no match for the…

  • Gantz  Vol.24
    Gantz Vol.24

    by Hiroya Oku

    As the mind-boggling 100-point alien boss unleashes its horrors upon the overmatched Osaka Gantz team, the Tokyo team is forced by the Gantz orb to join the battle, but even their numbers fail to turn the tide. When…

  • Gantz  Vol.23
    Gantz Vol.23

    by Hiroya Oku

    The battle-hardened Osaka Gantz team has fought with courage and fury to wipe out most of the lower-level (but highly lethal) alien invaders. Now firing on all cylinders, the OGs set out to go toe-to-toe with the…

  • Gantz  Vol.22
    Gantz Vol.22

    by Hiroya Oku

    A spectacle without precedent unfolds in the streets of Osaka, leaving a path of complete and utter destruction as the Osaka Gantz team`s battle with the aliens in Dotombori continues to escalate. Beset by a growing…

  • Gantz  Vol.21
    Gantz Vol.21

    by Hiroya Oku

    A new chapter in the Gantz saga brings with it a new level of action and mayhem! The alien-hunting Gantz warriors are transported to their new mission, leaving behind their fallen comrades, Kurono and Izumi. Given…

  • Gantz  Vol.20
    Gantz Vol.20

    by Hiroya Oku

    Life is confusing for Kei. Once an unexpected alien-hunting hero, a strange turn of events finds him back in his old life, having no memories of his warrior days. Hunted by a band of vampires, Kei survives by his…

  • Gantz  Vol.19
    Gantz Vol.19

    by Hiroya Oku

    Gantz`s reluctant alien-hunting hero, Kei, has had to deal with all sorts of selfish and seedy teammates, but somehow he`s recently fought alongside his best partners yet. Unfortunately, this might be his last fight…

  • Gantz  Vol.18
    Gantz Vol.18

    by Hiroya Oku

    The crazy world of Gantz just got a heck of a lot crazier. First, there were people being recruited at the moment of death to fight aliens living on earth, but unseen by humanity. The battles have seemed to take…

  • Gantz  Vol.17
    Gantz Vol.17

    by Hiroya Oku

    It seems like every new alien creature the Gantz gang fights is just practice for another, tougher, more demented future alien battle. Every new alien means another crew of newly dead citizens, reborn as alien…

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