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  • Angel Sanctuary, Volume 2
    Angel Sanctuary, Volume 2

    Story and Art by Kaori Yuki

    Teen Angel

    The most insane creatures in the nine planes of heaven and nine planes of hell are all telling messed-up teenager, Setsuna that he is the reincarnation of an angel. That wouldn`t be so bad…

  • BakéGyamon, Volume 5
    BakéGyamon, Volume 5

    Story and Art by Mitsuhisa Tamura

    A monstrous battle game with a twist!

    The Final Twist!

    Sanshiro`s been knocked out of the game, but now the monsters that saved his life are in danger! Fue makes the ultimate sacrifice to send…

  • Black Lagoon, Volume 4
    Black Lagoon, Volume 4

    Story and Art by Rei Hiroe

    The action shifts to chilly midwinter Tokyo, where Balalaika hires Rock as her interpreter, and Revy comes along as Rock`s bodyguard. The Washimine-gumi, a Yakuza family on its way down, wants to make a…

  • Captive Hearts, Volume 3
    Captive Hearts, Volume 3

    Story and Art by Matsuri Hino

    Megumi sets out for China to find a cure for his curse, but it appears that even his health worsens if he is away from his master. Meanwhile, a maid in the Kogami household swears to make Megumi…

  • Gimmick!, Volume 3
    Gimmick!, Volume 3

    Story by Youzaburou Kanari, Art by Kuroko Yabuguchi

    A frame-up is in full swing when a sneaky art thief pegs Kohei and Kannazuki for a crime they didn`t commit. Mone Shimakura, a young girl who`s out for justice, fervently…

  • MÄR, Volume 6
    MÄR, Volume 6

    Story and Art by Nobuyuki Anzai

    The epic clash of the War Game continues as Ginta and his Mär teammates face off with the deadly Chess Pieces to save Mär Heaven! During a break between battles, Ginta overhears the men…

  • Midori Days, Volume 4
    Midori Days, Volume 4

    Story and Art by Kazurou Inoue

    When freaky otaku Shuichi finds out that Midori is no ordinary doll, his obsession for her increases! Then, an innocent motorcycle drive in the country turns ugly when a motorcycle gang mistakes…

  • Waqwaq, Volume 3
    Waqwaq, Volume 3

    Story and Art by Ryu Fujisaki

    Vow of the Rose

    Vow of the Rose

    Shio and friends are on their way to the Spider`s Thread to rescue the girl he now calls Kami, but before they can do that Shio must battle more powerful Guardians…

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