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Kaze Hikaru

  • Kaze Hikaru, Volume 3
    Kaze Hikaru, Volume 3

    Story and Art by Taeko Watanabe

    Sei has returned to the Mibu-Roshi, but Soji hardly seems happy about it. He still believes that the Mibu-Roshi is no place for a girl. Sei makes an agreement with him that if she can`t score one…

    € 9,99 € 4,99
  • Kaze Hikaru, Volume 10
    Kaze Hikaru, Volume 10

    Story and Art by Taeko Watanabe

    A new member arrives from Edo to join the Shinsengumi--the renowned Ito Kashitaro, an intellect and master swordsman. The positive reinforcement he brings to the group and his emphasis on…

    € 9,99 € 4,99

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