by Naked Ape

Paperback (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Viz Media

  • Switch, Volume 6
    Switch, Volume 6

    by Naked Ape

    Hal survives an assassination attempt, but it seems he may not have been the target. Clues point to the "switch," but no one seems to know just what that means. The Ryugen, however, do know something and use that…

  • Switch, Volume 7
    Switch, Volume 7

    by Naked Ape

    Shaken up by the revelations about Kai after the Yokohama Ryugen incident, Hal needs some time to sort things out. Then a new case lands on the NCD squad when a mysterious accident leads to an investigation of Black…

  • Switch, Volume 8
    Switch, Volume 8

    by Naked Ape

    Yusuke Shinoda is a freelance writer who just got out of the slammer on drug charges, but the NCD`s going to keep tabs on him to see if he`s really clean, and if not, to see what he`ll lead them to. As always, the…

  • Switch, Volume 10
    Switch, Volume 10

    by Naked Ape

    When Hal comes under suspicion in the death of a girl, his reputation and his sanity both begin to crack. His partners discover that Hal may also have a past connection to the drug Switch. Now the NCD has to decide…

  • Switch, Volume 11
    Switch, Volume 11

    Hiki and Kajiyama nail a small-time student drug dealer. The student folds like a napkin, and they turn him into an informer. But when things start going wrong, Hiki gets suspicious of their new stoolie and begins to wonder who is…

  • Switch, Volume 12
    Switch, Volume 12

    Narita investigates the deaths of dealers selling a new drug called "seed" When he receives a mysterious package, he discovers that someone is looking into his days with his old partner Saiga. Now Narita has to solve two…

  • Switch, Volume 13
    Switch, Volume 13

    Final Volume!

    Kai has a mental break after shooting a suspect. Fragments of memories surface as he tries to resurrect his past. As more details emerge, Kai must confront his other personality and its origin, which holds the key…

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