Rosario+Vampire Season II

Story and Art by Akihisa Ikeda

Paperback (Graphic Novel)

Publisher: Viz Media

  • Rosario+Vampire: Season II  Vol.12
    Rosario+Vampire: Season II Vol.12

    Story and Art by Akihisa Ikeda


    Test 12

    When faced with the choice of letting your friends get eaten by a monster or turning into a monster yourself...

    a. pass the ketchup

    b. embrace your inner ghoul

    c. offer…

  • Rosario+Vampire: Season II  Vol.11
    Rosario+Vampire: Season II Vol.11

    Story and Art by Akihisa Ikeda

    Rescue Mission

    When your would-be rescuers are themselves in need of rescuing, draw on...

    a. their unconscious faces

    b. a trust fund

    c. your inner strength

  • Rosario+Vampire: Season II  Vol.2
    Rosario+Vampire: Season II Vol.2

    Story and Art by Akihisa Ikeda

    Test Two: Magical Candy

    When consuming magical candy that makes you instantly grow older, beware of...

    a. emotional maturity
    b. instantly growing younger
    c. your rheumatizz acting up

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